• Dela Accelerator


The social entrepreneurs participating in Dela all work towards a sustainable future where everyone is seen and heard – challenging the root causes of poverty, exclusion, and inequality.

The Dela Accelerator is comprised of three phases:

Dela programme

Strategy Phase

During the Strategy Phase, social entrepreneurs analyse the problem they are tackling, identify the systems change they are aiming towards, and develop a roadmap as well as an organisational strategy to achieve it.

Dela programme


The Dela Summit is a key moment in the Dela Accelerator where we come together to celebrate and transition from strategy to implementation. 

Dela programme

Scoping & Experimentation Phase

In this phase, the social entrepreneurs experiment with an element of their strategy with the support of an expert team of IKEA co-workers.

The Summit

We are delighted that you will be joining us at Dela Summit in Älmhult. We invite social innovation experts and business and thought leaders from the private sector to join together with social entrepreneurs and partners engaged in the programme for a three-day deep dive into social innovation to build strong, trusting relationships to drive further impact.


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